“Final Bearing…”

I’m zeroing in on getting the other vehicles to a point where I can concentrate on the LT1 again.  Leak in the car is gone, the bike got ridden to work today, and I did this last night:

It’s a TurboMaster from Heath Diesel, and it replaces the vacuum controlled actuator that came stock that’s been giving me such pain.  Works great, and it turns out that diesels make serious power after all!  I had started to wonder…

I’m still getting some stumbling at WOT, which probably means the lift pump isn’t running.  A serious problem, but a VERY easy fix, and I’ll probably throw the oil pressure sender fix in along with it for longevity.  Also, I noticed THIS while working on the truck:

Ick…filter time.  The only question is, $220 for a intake system, or $60 for a washable filter?  Decisions…

Also, I got some acetone, a new scraper, extra razor blades, and some canned air to work on getting that gasket crap off the LT1.  Ahh, the fun stuff…


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