Vehicle Updates

The bike is back from the shop after 800 bucks.  New chain and sprockets, valves adjusted, new rear brake pads (I installed), and a helicoil in the oil drain plug.  The service dept manager wasn’t lying when he described it as a “raped ape.”

The stratus with the leaking doorseal seems to be good to go; it’s hard to tell if it’s wet or just cold, but I think it’s just cold.  Certainly no squishing yet.

The suburban…yes, the suburban.  It’s still got a code 78/Wastegate Solenoid failure.  I thought I had it last night (in the rain) with a crappy vacuum line, but it still coded this morning.  So I started pulling ALL the vacuum lines associated with the solenoid control…from the vacuum pump to the solenoid to the wastegate.  Of course, GM made them with plastic that goes brittle after some period of time, so they broke.  I’m off to the autoparts store tomorrow to rebuild them.  Newer, better, faster.  If that doesn’t work, I’m buying a vacuum gauge and probably a new vacuum pump.

The S10 is reassembled.  The battery is recharged.  It fired on the second (maybe third) try today with the charger attached.  I’m also rewiring the radiator fan (electric replacement), and worked on that a bit tonight.  I think I’ve got that done, now I’ve just got to get the temperature rheostat set for the fan switch.

Finally, the LT1.  Check the pics.  Disassembly is complete; camshaft is out.  I no longer believe that this was a 1996 Corvette LT1, despite the fuel rail covers with Vette written on them.  The VIN and casing numbers are in the pics.  I’m not worried that it isn’t, since I’m redoing the top end completely, and I won’t be putting that much boost or nitrous in it (if any) to worry about the 2 bolt bottom end.  Other concerns:  are the heads really aluminum?  Sure looks like it to me, but I’m not 100%.  Also, the computer–if it’s OBD-I, there’s no way it’ll talk to my OBD-II BCM in the truck.

Yay, PICS!!!  I’m off to TX & NE on Friday, so there won’t be any progress for a week or so.  The only thing I can do now is start cleaning and spend some money on shiny new bits!

Oil pump stub shaft:

Oil pump:

“Down the throat” of the camshaft!

And a couple shots of the cam journals; I don’t intend to replace the bearings, unless someone has a different opinion.

Vin, casing, and other numbers:


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  1. Lookin’ good!

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