Still diverted

Stratus is running great, and the new weatherstripping is nice and quiet.  Door makes a good THUNK when I shut it.  Of course, it’s now nice and dry (and COLD!) in the PNW, so I can’t really put it to the test.  Which is just as well, I guess.

Last night, I went of to JJs and did an oil change, fuel filter change, installed the wastegate solenoid, and installed the centercaps for the new wheels w/ snow tires.  Diesel fuel filters are weird.  This one sits right behind the engine in the cylinder valley.  I installed the new one and tried to bleed the air out (pull the fuel solenoid fuse and crank the engine).  By the time I realized that it wasn’t going to seat well on the gasket (crank and crank and crank) due to me pinching the gasket, the batteries were too drained to fire it up.  Looks like the gasket is crimped.  It’s on the charger now, so it should be good by this afternoon, and I’m stopping by O’Reilly’s/Schucks for a new filter on the way home.  Sure hope this thing runs well after; I’m frustrated, and am anxious to get back to pulling the cam on the LT1.

Oh, did I mention the T56 came in?  FANTASTIC…

Bowling tonight, date night (Nutcracker) tomorrow, drill this weekend.  I’ll get back to this engine SOMETIME.


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