Distributor, front end

Quick picture update from the last time I was actually WORKING on the truck.

I pulled the Optispark distributor off the front.

You can see how the waterpump sits in front of the distributor, and you can see the later-year modification tying engine vacuum into the distributor to keep moisture out of it.

Corrosion and gaskets for the waterpump:

And the back of the distributor, key driven:

And the dowel that drives it:

Here’s how much water I soaked out of the stratus floorboards from the leaking weatherstripping:

Here’s the S10 before I started the teardown:

All the garbage I had to pull off to just GET to the intake manifold, and under it, the fuel pressure regulator:

Step one in the Hayne’s manual said, “disconnect the fuel lines from the rear of the engine.”  Just what in the HELL kind of tool fits down in there?

(upper right of the picture is the junction they were indicating).  I just decided to remove the engine end and manhandle them; I hope they go back in and don’t leak TOO bad!

Finally, and most importantly, possibly the most fun part of this engine swap, since it’s what I’ll interact with the most:

I got the diesel running today; fuel filter was the wrong one, so it was leaking HORRIBLY.  Amazing:  when you put the right part it, in all just seems to work better.  I also had replaced the wastegate solenoid.  Interestingly, it still has an OBD-1 code 78, which indicates that the expected and actual boost don’t coincide.  It ran MUCH better, with lots of top end power and no hesitation, so I know we’re getting closer to resolving the problem.  Maybe it just didn’t reset, or the computer hadn’t cleared the code completely.  We’ll drive it for a bit and see if it gets better and if the code sticks around.


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