More diversions

Yeah, slow going.  It’s a slow project!  It’s been interrupted by just about every other vehicle on the planet lately.

The Diesel is running good now that I got the new PMD in.  Took it to Utah this weekend with the g/f, averaged about 15 mpg with the wastegate solenoid not functioning, which means no efficiency or top end power.  It also means running VERY rich at WOT, which yields a SpyHunter smoke screen out the back heading up to the ski hill.  Luckily, UT skiers aren’t nearly as hippy-dippy as Seattlites, so nobody really cared.  Well, except for that Honda Pilot that backed way off…OOPS!  🙂  Snow tires did a great job, truck ran great except for drinking about a cup of oil every 800 miles or so.  Skied Brighton for two days (days 2 and 3!) for free due to the Snoqualmie/Boyne Resorts pass.  We stayed at the Hilton downtown for $58/night, thank you Priceline.  SLC is 14 hours away by car, in case you were wondering.

The Stratus has cracked weatherstripping on the driver’s door, and allowed all the mist and rain from two days of driving to seep down into the driver’s side carpeting and insulation.  So I pulled out front and rear seats, the center console, the dead pedal, the seatbelt, and now I’ve got two 300W halogens blasting away trying to dry the insulation out before it mildews.  I soaked up between a pint and a quart of water with a sponge last night.  Ick.  Should be finished with that one tonight.

The bike has a significantly loose chain.  Not sure why, since the rear axle hasn’t moved.  It’s due for it’s 25,000 mile service, which includes a valve adjust, and I don’t trust myself with a 14,500 rpm engine yet.  Off to the shop it goes, which is sad, because we’ve had some beautiful riding days.

Even the S-dyme isn’t happy–it has a hell of a time cold starting.  It cranks over and over no problem, but no fire.  I think the FPR is leaking, allowing the fuel to leak down into the fuel return line, and then back to the gas tank.  Runs fine once the engine is running, and when it’s warm, it will fire right up.  Just won’t start when cold, even if I prime it four or five times with the fuel pump priming circuit.  I hope it’s the FPR; if it’s not, that means I have to drop the fuel tank.  As it is, the fuel pressure regulator is underneath the upper intake plenum, which means gaskets and cleaning and all that garbage.  Gah.  I’ve already replaced both coolant temp sensors (one for the PCM, one for the temp gauge) and cleaned the EGR valve and ensured freedom of movement.

Oh, and the tachometer is going back to Autometer for service.  Stuck at 2K rpm, don’t know why.  Yeah, and the electric fan sometimes works, sometimes doesn’t.  I think I just need to rewire the +12V switched source on that one.

Car first, then the bike to the shop, then the 4.3L.  THEN I can get back to working on the LT1.


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