Katrina’s blame game

Just finished reading through this.

So, on the surface, they’re saying that these levees were the responsibility of the government to maintain in order to protect their homes and businesses. I understand their complaint–if my house of 40 years had always been protected by this levee, and then it failed, I’d be pissed, too. It’s an inherent assumption that the land around your house that’s been fine for a hundred years will forever be the same, especially in the time frame of my life and my children’s lives. It’s not like the sun is going to blow up tomorrow, you know? (You watch…just to spite me, it will. Stupid Karma.)

Guess what? The Gulf Coast gets hurricanes. Hurricanes are dangerous. You buy insurance. Can’t afford insurance? Maybe you shouldn’t expose yourself to the danger, huh? Move to the other side of I-10…housing is cheaper there. Move to Huntsville, AL.

If I own a house on a cliff, and the cliff falls, do I get paid for my house being destroyed? Maybe, if the Corps of Engineers built a roadway beneath the cliff, undermining the structural integrity that I had PREVIOUSLY BUILT my house on. But if I’m really worried about it, I’m either going to buy insurance, or MOVE. Sucks, but that’s the way it is. Maybe it would have been better if the Corps had filled the channel in. Then the city would have been protected. Of course, that would have economic effects for the city. The benefits of the channel outweighed the dangers; I wonder why some of those benefits that the city reaped weren’t used to reinforce the channel? Invest in the future, right?

Maybe by suing the government, they’ll learn their lesson and start funding the Corps to do this kind of repairs on time. Oh, they were underfunded before? Tough? Yeah, that makes sense, doesn’t it?

This is simply another ridiculous example of our overly litigious society. Why is it the government’s fault? Should they have protected me? Are they liable if they cannot or will not (and I’m quite certain none of this was intentional…why aren’t we suing the person who made the decision not to fund the repairs…maybe they aren’t NOLA fans and were doing it out of spite!)? These poor folks got devastated by mother nature, and they’re trying to blame the Feds. Will Tacoma blame the Corps of Engineers for not reinforcing the dams and channels of the Puyallup River against future lahars? If you’re worried about that, here’s a warning: get insurance, or get the hell out!

Speaking of natural disasters and insurance, you might want to be careful with them too. Those folks with insurance that lived on the Gulf Coast during Ike are fighting for their due as well. The regular insurance company is claiming the damage was done by flooding, and the flooding insurance companies are claiming that the flood was CAUSED by wind (storm surge), so they aren’t paying either. Guess what? If you put all your eggs in one basket, and that basket is lying in the path of a hurricane, you’re screwed.

So what’s my point? Trust insurance companies? Definitely not. Blame the Feds? No…they aren’t competent enough to figure out their own tax code, let alone protect me. I’m basically saying we’re doomed, and I’m going to go live in a yurt on some mountainside. And that mother nature gets her due every time, regardless of what legislation or judicial mandate you put in her path, so quite trying to make a fast buck off it.


2 Responses to “Katrina’s blame game”

  1. You just wanted to use the word “yurt”.

  2. ONE POINT for the L-T.

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