Obviously the Hummer was a red herring. I did, however, buy another truck to go up into the mountains. A good friend of mine and I bought it together, and gave $4K for it. No pictures yet, since it’s been a more than modest NW fall, and I have no desire to stand outside long enough to get any pictures. It’s a 1995 GMC Suburban K2500. It’s got a 6.5L Turbodiesel, 4×4, and is a 3/4 ton. Interior is nice, with the third row seat and cloth interior. The last owners installed a DVD, and it’s got an aftermarket stereo.

Speaking of the previous owners, they were…an interesting bunch. They called it, “the LoveShack.” They had used some blue cheetah print to trim the DVD when it was installed. The mother/wife also sewed a pair of pillows…with blue cheetah print on one side, and blue shag on the other. They came with the truck. My friend and I don’t plan on removing the trim, and we’re certainly keeping the pillows! We’re doing a little work, and renaming it “the LuvvMonster.”

So far, I’ve done the oil change, checked the fluids, repaired the interior lights. It’s got a fairly serious problem: if it’s shut down after a short period of running, and you try to start it back up again after half an hour or so, it will stall after about a minute. It’s difficult to restart, but eventually it will. It looks like there’s a common problem with the EFI 65L turbodiesels: the pump motor driver (PMD), the electronics which operate the injection pump (IP), have a pair of 500W transistors that are susceptible to heat soak. Eventually, they will fail completely, and the truck won’t restart. I’ve checked the lift pump (LP), which is the inline fuel booster pump, and it works fine. The Oil Pressure Sensor (OPS), which drives the LP, also appears to work fine. So that leaves us with the PMD. I’ve ordered a replacement from Heath Diesel that includes an aluminum heat sink and an extension cable to let you mount it down by the bumper or radiator or some such. It’s expensive, but it should be worth it. Comes with a 7 year, 120K mile warranty.

Let’s see–added seafoam to the oil change, and another bottle to the fuel system. I’ve got the replacement fuel filter, and will change it and add a fuel conditioner at the first fill up. I picked up a set of Eagle rims today for $125, never used, for use with some snow tires.



It’s got a couple blown speakers in the back, which I think I can replace with some old ones from the Stratus.  We’re working on some electronics for the DVD player, maybe a DC inverter.  Today, I replaced the blower motor resistor, which was the hardest four bolts I’ve ever taken out and replaced.  Behind the glovebox, above the blower motor, beneath the dashboard.  PAIN IN THE BUTT.  Here’s the bad one:

Fan works now.

Other things that we’re considering:  driving lights for the inclement weather in the mountains, maybe a rear hitch platform for storage, maybe even a safari rack.   Should be a good rig once we’ve got it ready to go.  We may be taking it to Utah for Thanksgiving.


On the LT1, I’m still trying to decide whether to stroke it or not.  I’ve been told that if I go all the way to a 383, the cam I’d need would be so big that I couldn’t pass emissions.  Maybe just bump to a 355?  I’m liking the Trick Flow top end 340hp kit; biggest I can find that’s still emissions legal.  I guess that’d put about 300 to the wheels, so I’d probably need nitrous or a supercharger to push all the way to 400.  That’s not a bad idea, I guess…

I’m also still looking for an engine builder in the Seattle area to redo the bottom end.  Also still looking for that T56…


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