Okay, I’m taking the night off.  You may have heard that I’m looking for a new ski truck, since this thing won’t make it up a WET hill, let alone a snowy one, when I’m done with it.  It’s been taking a bit of my time lately, driving too and fro, looking for the ultimate ski machine for $5.  Farfetched, I know, but patience will win through, I’m confident!

Anyway, I’m taking tonight off from driving all over Creation, or at least all over (rained out) Seattle.  I’ve watched an episode of CSI, reponded to a couple emails that are WAYY overdue, and now I’m going to post some quite delayed photos.

First off, I traded this:


for this:


To go along with the drug-ring engine, I paid the guy in drug-ring fashion:



Here’s our first look at the innards.  First, the valvetrain:


And then down into the lifter valley:


Something that has me a LITTLE worried for when I pull the crank out:


I’m not so sure I like the looks of those connecting rods.  We’ll see when I get there, right?

Organization is the KEY to any good rebuild, especially one loaded with as much computer crap as this one:




Lastly, if you have ever done any design work on an EGR system (you know who you are), and can contribute any thoughts to a gasoline based system, I’d like to buy you a beer and pick your brain.


Now it’s time to pull out that Summit catalog and pick some parts.  I hope to get some good ideas on what to buy from LS1Tech.com. Maybe they’ll also help me decide if I should stroke it or not… (nyuk nyuk)


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