…is being made, I promise. The intake is off and cataloged with associated hardware; coolant crossover tube. EGR plate is off, and it’s filthy. Maybe running too rich? Maybe it’s normal? Fuel rail & injectors, also obviously off. Rockers, pushrods, lifter guides, lifters, lifter plate (duh), all removed and laid out.

I’ve started looking at parts; check the spreadsheets on the right for expended money and wishlist. The goal is still 400hp to the wheels, and it’s looking like I might have to stroke it to get that number. That’s expensive; I may just live with 375 or whatever it turns out to be from an LT4; maybe one of the packages out there, few though there are, will push more than an LT4? Should I start with just the top end, and then do the bottom when I get bored? Do I only install the motor once? Do I go with what I’ve got and go FI? Supercharger or nitrous (turbo is too much stuff to fit in there)?

Pictures to follow.


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