Okay, we’ve all laughed about McDonald’s getting hammered for spilling coffee…no wait, for someone spilling coffee on their lap that McDonald’s sold them.  Yeah, it’s ridiculous at the outset.  When you find out that Mickey D’s actually made their coffee too hot to dissuade folks from just sitting in the restaurant and getting refills every 5 minutes, it makes a LITTLE more sense.  Still, I personally think it’s kind of ridiculous to make them pay for pain and anguish.  But then, I read THIS.

Okay, now that’s going a bit too far.  A bunch of folks are voluntarily playing a sport with a 100 mph lump that you’re trying to hit as hard as possible.  And someone is willing to get up on one foot, lean way over off balance, and dodge the lump before it hurtles back at them in less than 400 milliseconds.  And you’re going to sue the guys that made the stick that hit the lump?

I play softball.  We’re ALWAYS looking for a bat that will hit further, and to go further with a given mass and initial velocity, you simply have to hit the darn thing harder; impart more force unto it.  Granted, we’re all trying to do for as cheap as possible, but still–double wall, titanium, whatever it takes.  It’s true, the majors aren’t using aluminum bats; they’re doing it to prevent SLUGFESTS, not for pitcher safety (although I’m sure P.Martinez is quite thankful).

So why would anyone blame the batmakers?  They didn’t swing it, they didn’t throw it, they didn’t even catcall the batter before he stepped in the box.  Can anybody explain this one to me?


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