Mother’s Powerball

Okay, so my first product review won’t be the raving review I had hoped (Kindle).  No, sadly, I’m not happy with Mother’s lead product.  I mean, Chip Foose is pretty much a legend.  Well, maybe he’s just a media created legend (see:  any moron from Hollywood), but he actually has some beautiful ideas, and apparently the money to make it happen.

I bought a Mothers Mini Powerball.  I had a pair of front wheels that hadn’t been really cleaned in a couple years, and they were off the car, so I thought it’d be a great chance to give them a good deep cleaning.


Dirty Dirty

I did the first wheel by hand using Neverdull, a cheapish metal polisher that you just pull tearable cloth out of a can already soaked in the polish.  I didn’t get the deep pitting out, but most of the crap came off the surface of the metal.  I did run the Powerball over it, but didn’t get much improvement.  Took about 10 minutes on it.  Then, I got the other front wheel, equally dirty, and went to town.  I got 1/5 of the way around wheel before the shaft broke off at the chuck of the drill.  Sheared right in half.

Really?  Snapped in HALF from polishing?  That’s pretty ridiculous.  So I finished the wheel, taking just over an hour for both wheels tonight (about 45 minutes on the first wheel on a previous night), and here’s what I got:



So, I’m going to take it back to Schucks, which is a member of CSK (Checkers, Schucks, Kragen, and apparently also O’Reilly).  We’ll see if they give me my money back or if they lose my 350 rebuild business in favor of either the local chain or AutoZone.

Update:  They saw reason, and gave me some store credit.  Good job, guys.


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