Humble beginnings…

Okay, so we’ve all seen that stupid first post by a noob blogger, but I’m not quite clever enough to get around it. So here we go.

This blog is ostensibly about converting a 1996 Chevrolet S-10, Teal Green, regular cab, 2 wheel drive truck into a Corvette LT-1 powered fright machine. It will also have anything else I feel like I want to blabber about that no one else will read, like gadget reviews, motorcycle riding, my disdainful commentary about current events, or anything else I want to fill the void with.

For me: I’m a (newly minted) thirty year old from Texas. Not just any Texas, but 3,000 people, 22 church, 1 stop light small town Texas. (That’s not an exaggeration). You can’t actually drive THROUGH my town; you have to drive TO it, or get lost and wind up there. Directions include cattle-guards, oak trees, and where the old barn USED to be. Yup.

College at Carnegie Mellon in Pittsburgh, Electrical and Computer engineering. Seven years as a submarine officer, with three or so on the USS Boise (SSN-764) out of Norfolk. Don’t ever live there.

I now work for an electronics/biomedical manufacturing company with a little bit of renown in Everett, WA.

I also own an ’01 Dodge Stratus 4 door (see, I’m an admin), an ’03 GSXR 750 that frightens me. I have autocrossed both the car and the truck.   I read voraciously, both fiction and nonfiction.  I scuba dive (not in the NW!).  I recently went to Italy and China.  I actually listen to country music and like it (even in Seattle).  I brew beer, I drink beer.

For the truck:  1996 teal (sorry) Chevy S-10, long bed, 2WD, regular cab.  Pretty stock when I got it in 2005 for $3 grand for a buddy.  That summer, I had a bit of money to blow since I’d just gotten off the boat (submarines are boats, not ships) and hadn’t had a chance to spend my superfluous income.  I was moving across the country in a few months, so chose not to do this engine swap then.  A friend of mine and I tore into the thing with reckless abandon, and soon I had a 13″ Baer track brake system in the front, front and rear anti roll bars, a 3/4″ drop (blocks in the rear), braided brake lines.  Intake and cat-back exhaust, 17″ American Racing 5 spoke rims with 255 Kumho tires.  Hypertech chip.  Sirius radio, CD w/ changer, new speakers, 10″ custom Kicker box running around 225W.  Scat ProCar bucket seats, B&M ratchet shifter, grant steering wheel, (small) tach with shift light, and other assorted interior trim pieces.   Since I got to Washington, I’ve replaced the drop blocks with drop springs, greatly reducing (but not eliminating) the wheel hop/axle wrap that was caused by the PowerTrax LSD system I installed.  And yes, I still have the drum brakes in the rear.  Oh, and the whole stereo system was stolen, with the exception of the deck and component speakers.  Rat bastards.

So, I think that’s enough data dump for now; pictures, a description of the 350, and other random crap will be forthcoming.


2 Responses to “Humble beginnings…”

  1. Ahhh, you have a blog now! I’ll add you to my list of to-read blogs.

  2. Thanks C! I don’t know that it’ll be that interesting to you, but I appreciate it!

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